Browser's downloads folder

Can I somehow change “Downloads” folder path for a browser?

Would like to move just downloaded files to a different folder as in downloads folder there are plenty of other files and later on “For each” file activity picks up lots of unnecessary files (can’t target specific files - their titles are randomly created).

Another interesting issue is that I don’t have final URL for the file - so don’t know how could I do it with “HTTP request” activity. What I can only do is to click the button on page and wait for a file…

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Anyone? I can’t believe that nobody else hadn’t have this issue ;(

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Hi @latke,

If you want to change the download folder from the browser you can do it via settings of the particular browser.

If you want to change it when you are trying to download then instead of Save please click Save as and then you will be prompt for a path which you can use via variable and later use it for any other activity by calling the variable (filepath)


Hello there,

Did anyone found the clean solution yet?

I don’t want the script to modify the default location, I just want to GET the default downloaded location whatever is being set within the browser.