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Hi i want to change the default download path in all browser.
How to give specific folder path for all the downloads using click activity.
Can any one help me out

Hi @vivek_sivam,

For downloading attachments, I’ll suggest you to make use of Get mail message to read the mails and Save Attachments activity to download attachments rather than using clicks, because in save attachment activity you can provide full path (where you want to save those attachments).

You can use clicks though, but you’ll require clicks, type into, hotkeys to do so and clicks, typeinto, hotkeys requires selectors then it get quite fragile.

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I didn’t download content from Gmail. I have downloade it from from particular website.
This is my work flow
Step1: Open the browser
Step2: Enter the URL
Step3: Click on monthly report
Step4: Click on submit
Step5: Click on download
Right now downloaded attachment stored in browsers default download location. But i want to store specified path (Given by me)
So browser download path is different. our specified path is different

Then do , Save As to download the file as per your defined folder path…

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Can you explain me

Change the settings in the browser as below,


Thanks @Manish540

Okay @vivek_sivam,

Firstly change the setting for default downloading

Then In sequence after clicking on download, made sequence with type into and clicks to specify full path and to click on save button

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