Download in a especific folder

Hi guys!

I need to put the download in an especific folder, is it possible? Can you help me out?



Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

Do you want to download files from browser and save it to particular folder ? If yes then you can change settings in browser itself only and provide default folder to download files.

Yeah, I wanna download from the browser, but I have more than 1 robot, and each one have to save it in different folders. I can’t change everytime the settings from the browser, there’s a way to make it automatically?


@Giulia_G the easiest & most reliable way is to download the file, then use a ‘move file’ activity to move it to the desired location.

If you don’t do it in that manner, then you have to employ a few workarounds or various one-time setups on each robot