Browser rendering issues, exception handling

Hi, We have an issue where our internal web app (Unfortunately I can’t show you) that runs only in IE. There is an issue whereby, when the web app collects the data from the database and displays on the front, it doesn’t display anything, its just grey, white or black. We believe its an IE memory leak. We can see the javascript bring back the data but IE simply doesn’t display it.

What can we do to handle this when we run our bot over it as at the moment it runs for about 30 minutes but then breaks because the rendering issue happens. What we were thinking is when it happens, we log out and then back in but first, we need to know when the rendering issue is just starting to happen.

Can anyone please help?

Setting the “WaitForWhenReady.Completed” doesn’t help

Hi Rohangrrombridge,
I have a suggestion here, if you want to check/determine when this Browser rendering issue will happen, if you are seeing browser freezing(Not responding state) at any point of time when the issue starts then all you have to do is before getting the text from the browser just check if the browser is in active state (responding state). If browser is active then you can try using Get Full Text activity to retrieve the hidden information from the web page which is not displayed properly.

Hope this helps for your problem.


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Hi There,

This is a great suggestion. That would solve the end part of our issue. Eventually the browser enters that state but the rendering issue happens before hand. Eg: When we enqiure on a users profile, The javascript collects the data and brings it back but heres the issue, On the front end of the webapp, its blank ie. no data is display in the html table. How can we be proactive about this and handle it?


@praveens02 Any ideas?

Any one have any suggestions?

But you want just to be able to detect that the data is not on the screen or you want to try to get the data from that javascript request?

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Yes. The biggest annoyance is that the javascript bring back the data, i know this becasue while i can physically see the rendering issue happening, The bot is still able to get the data for about two minutes. this is all while the rednering issue is happening. I see white screen, black and greey screens, where i should see nice html table with data populated. Then after the 2 minutes of the rendering getting worse the bot selectors stop working. Any suggestions? a simple element exists?

oh, you say the rendering takes that long to complete?? What are you using to get the data from the web app? If you dont use uipath, just go to that page, can it render everything?

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Our webapp is unfortunetly very old and in compatability mode 5 (haha). IE will render well for about 20 minutes and then we start to see it render white, black and grey screens. I use a UiPath activity called get text for getting the data out of certain fields. After the 20 minutes, we see rendering issues for about 2 minutes but heres the interesting part, my get text works and actually gets the data for the 2 minutes while we still see the white, black and grey screens. after the 2 minutes of rendering issues, the get text selectors errors out. naturally. Any ideas?

Any suggestions? @bcorrea

  • But do this happen when you are not using uipath?
  • is this a html table?
  • dont you wait until all table is loaded in the page?
  • maybe you want to try calling that javascript function manually instead?
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  • Yes it happens daily anyway.
  • It happens in any part of our web app. a mix of html table s or input filed structured as tables, irframes etc…
  • I do waitforwhenready set to be complete but the issue is it may never render and then the selector errors