Browser not opened and bot is running

I have one robot which is work on ABC Website. from last week I am facing an issue of browser not opened and log says it is performing and at some point gives error of not find element.

Manually I can open that website. Manually I can run the particular process from same VM but from orchestrator it gives an error.


In that case, I would like to check on the browser extension.
If it doesn’t help, could you please share the screenshot of the error or the logs.

Ashwini Kempraj

Also check the visible status of your browser; they ‘can’ work in the background.

It’s a property in your open browser activity.

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Kill all the chrome process from orchestrator and the trigger from orchestrator and check whether in the Taskmanager → process you are able to see the chrome process.

If yes, chrome is triggering and some settjngs needs ro be modified. Either of the above mentioned cases.

will try that

How to kill all process from Orchestrator?

That is for trail purpose i mentioned. You have to kill it manually and try running your process from orchestrator

I did it. But sometimes getting error and sometimes not.

What is the error that you are getting? while opening the chrome?
Also try to update all the packages to stable versions.

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