Open Browser Activity does not run with Orchestrator

When I run the bot Attended open browser activity open and run the process. When I publish the bot into Orchestrator, the bot runs the process but gets the following message:

nvoke Login workflow: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Any help is grateful.

@mustufa.siraj - try adding the start process and pass the url variable. It will open the browser first and then use rest of your activities.

I tried using Start Process but IE still did not start as well. Any other ideas.

@mustufa.siraj - Could you please share the screen shot of the start process??

@mustufa.siraj - This is how I would do…You can directly give the URL name in the File Name and try…


This did not work either. IE is working perfectly attended but cannot work unattended

thanks but I figured out the issues on my own.

Hi @mustufa.siraj, I’m facing the same issue. Could you share the solution that you find out?