Browser navigation,Navigate to Url issue

I am trying to navigate to,Go Back,Go Forward options through ‘Attach Browser’, I am getting following error. I need operations like Click links on page then come back to original screen, again click another link and come back or navigate to original screen etc…

Hi @Amol1

Can you please provide the selector in Attach browser activity?

For navigate to,GO Back,Go Forward options through ‘Attached Browser’ I am getting error as
‘Attach Browser ‘chrome.exe CPQ’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:’

Will you specify detailed steps for attaching browser and then Go Back or Go Forward.

My ‘Attach Browser’ has selector as provided below.

When you open the Browser save the Output: UiBrowser property in a Browser type varibale, then use this variable in Attach Browser acvtivity instead of giving the selector like this -

Try it, this might help you