GO Back activity Error

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Are you using Go Back activity inside Attach Browser or Open Browser activity or not ?

If you are using it outside then you need to pass browser variable to it and then try.

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what is the variable for IE plz ?

Go Back is always an issue. Better practice is to use Navigate To activity and give the URL of the page (http://www.sha1-online.com/)

It doesnt work, when the step ''navigate to" start, the process stoped

Navigate to will redirect to the another URL in the same page but not open the new browser window or the tab. So, you don’t need to use attach window as the above screenshot

can u send me a picture plz ?

Are you saying, i need to put navigate to outside of attach browser ?

Can you let me know why you are using Navigate to here ?

for the assignement 1

Got it, after using navigate to, you are using attach window right?

If so, remove the attach window activity and try to do the remaining.

Instead I suggest to use another open browser activity and close it after retrieving the sha1 hash code which will make the process a bit easy