Browser compatibility/stability recommendation

In your (UiPath employees) experience,
what is most stable browser for robot?

I’ve build a robot, and after browser update I get issues :confused:
I’ll try to avoid this by building a robot for most stable robot, and that’s why I am asking your recommendation.

Also, is it possible to “switch” certaion proces from “OneBrowser” to “OtherBrowser” just by editing selector html app=“OneBrowser” to html app=“OtherBrowser”

Thank you!


No its not possible. You have to change selectors in many places. I suggest you to use IE browser.

Thank you for your answer.

Actually, I managed to serach/replace in Main.xml




and it worked fine!

There are many monder web applications (including the one I’m working on) which do not support IE.
Also, IE has many versions, so your suggestion should be more precise.