Brief "ACME System 1" question (Level 3 - Advanced Training)

I am about to start the “Level 3 - Advanced Training” course in the Academy.
The instructions say the following: “You need a user account on the ACME System 1 web app. Go to and register today! Note: Make sure you use the SAME email address you used to register on the Academy!

My issue is that I registered on the Academy using one email address (let’s say “email1”) and I subsequently changed the email address linked to my Academy account (to, let’s say, “email2”).
My question is: should I register on the ACME web app using “email1” or using “email2”?
Logic would dictate that I should use the updated address (“email2”), but since the instructions specify that the address needs to be the same as the one I used to register on the Academy (rather than the current one), I have some doubts.

From what email you are accesing the Academy, that email you should use for Acme training.


you should be used email2


@srdjan.suc @sandeep13 Thank you both!


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