Branching out from a flow chart within a while container to a sequence in the main flow chart's body

I am using a flow chart for my process.
Within the flow chart, I have a while activity.
Within the while activity’s container, I am using a flowchart.
This flowchart contains a decision.

Is there any way for me to connect the decision’s branch within the while activity to a sequence in the main flow chart’s body (the main flow chart is the one that contains the while activity)?

Thank you

Add that sequence code to separate flow and use invoke workflow activity…and pass the flow new flow name…

Thanks for replying Pravin.
I understand what you’re suggesting.
But in my case, I’d actually want the branch to continue from the same flow that exists in the original flowchart.

Is there any way for me to jump to that flow so that I can continue with the existing flow from that point on?

For each decision, you can assign a number (or text) at the end, and then starting from WHILE to Main Flow you can apply FLOW SWITCH where your numbers (or text) from FLOW with decisions will be the condition.


Great suggestion Adrian.
I think this could be beneficial.

But do you think there’s yet another way to branch directly from inside the while activity?

Hmm, if your WHILE is so important I can see that it is rather a MAIN :slight_smile: and you would have to build everything in this activity. But then you will lose the readability of the Flowchart.

I build my processes on Sequences.
Flowcharts are cool because they are transparent.

I will share my experience: Last year I was rebuilding another Developer’s robot based on FlowChart and nested workflows that were nested in sequences. There were so many of these nests that the process had problems passing arguments. I don’t know if this has been fixed in newer versions of UiPath Studio, but it may be a problem at work.

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