Bot Stops Working when minimizing Remote Desktop

In long story short Send Hot Key does not work in background, It use the hardware events to perform the action same as any human does.
Hence you have to have the Application Active for the it to work correctly.

I took too long to get it done.

Remote desktop connection closed
Sometimes users want to open a Remote Desktop Connection, start running tests on the remote machine, and disconnect the client connection while the tests are running.

In this case, native events (including screenshots) do not work.

To work around this, do the following instead of closing the remote desktop connection directly.
Create a batch file on the remote machine’s desktop (for example: “disconnect.bat”).
Type the following line in the file -

tscon% sessionname% / dest: console

You can get the Session Name by typing “query session” at the CMD prompt (as administrator)

and save it.
Start the tests on the remote machine.
Do not close Remote Desktop Connection directly from the client.
Instead, double-click the batch file. The session will be ended by the remote desktop.
Native events should now work well with Remote Desktop Connection closed.

i had EE , but still its failing to extract.