Bot doesn't work if RDP disconnected

Hi all,

I have built a bot which interacts with a front-end Database. There is one piece in my workflow where I have to ‘Type Into’ activity; the word “TAXI” onto a Database element in order to jump to that item in a list. This works fine in the foreground when the window is active.

However, if I minimize or disconnect my Remote Desktop (RDP) I get an error message from the Database: “System Error: Code 5, Access is denied.” caused by any keyboard activities.

Why would I be getting this access denied error in the Database if the bot/RDP is minimized or disconnected? This error also only happens if I attempt Keyboard shortcuts or Type Into - Clicks are fine however. So I’m attempting a workaround using clicks only but it is very frustrating and will take longer to process, if I succeed. Why does it not have any issues at all if it is running visually on my screen? It’s as if when the RDP session is minimized or disconnected I get some sort of disconnect with user permissions with the database it’s interacting with.

Really need to get this working ASAP as a background process so the RDP can be disconnected and it continues to run normally on the VM.


You may want to check out this page in the documentation. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for sharing, I will give this a try.

Just to confirm, as the VM is to be accessed by other users if they want to run the bot, will they also need to change this registry key? Or can I change it on the VM itself instead? Wondering what I can do so that nobody else needs to change anything.

Thanks, this works!! I will just have to somehow configure on each staff member’s individual machine so they can access and run the bot and keep it minimized.

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