Bot run time seems high for only processing 45 cells in excel

Hi All,

My bot seems to be taking a long time to process for only going through cells A1:E10 (45 cells). Can you think of anyway to decrease process time?

I figured by describing the range it would make the process faster, but that does not seem to be the case.

I have attached my project below - thank you in advance!

Main.xaml (36.3 KB)


I noticed you are using Click text with OCR. Is that needed to click the text?, cause that can slow it down. That’s the main thing that caught my eye.

Hi @ClaytonM,

Thanks for the response.

The OCR portion of the bot actually runs fairly quickly. I am seeing the delay occur on the function “Type Into” under the function Input Account Numbers in MM

I am trying to research now to see if I can use another function besides “Type Into” to input my variable.