How can we reduce run time in UIPath

Hi Team,

How can we reduce bot run time ,as my total xaml run time is 10 mins.
I have a text file with 20,000 thousand records,and am comparing the text file with excel values and copying in to new file(Copied 11,000 records) which is taking 10 mins.
Is still the bot run time is acceptable or there any ways to reduce the time.

Hi @RajeshT,
It all depends of how are you treating this text file right now? There are many ways to get text data and compare it.

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Hi @Pablito

Thank you for the quick response,currently I am comparing the text file with excel using For Each loop and if condition and by using this way I feel the data copied to the destination with 100% accuracy.But only the time taken for this is more than 10 mins.

Hi @RajeshT

Please try to get all records in the text file into an array “Split(textData,Environment.NewLine)”
and compare the array data with the datatable using method .

I think this is will reduce your execution time.



Hi @PradeepReddy

Thank you for the inputs ,can you please provide xaml if possible.

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