Takes longer now to run web automation bot

Hi Community,

I have observed in the past months a rather worrying trend for my bots. I am trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong or something else changed, i.e. Chrome web get text takes longer, UIRobot is now too busy from too many pending jobs, etc. Sometimes I observe the robot running (that green icon in my bar) but nothing is happening.

I would say that the time to get some text from web almost doubled from where it was some months ago. The scripts are exactly the same. I am using UiPath community edition.

Is there anyone else who observed same?

Hi Adrian,

Probably you reach the limits of logs and queue items. Try to refresh you queues. I had similar issue (link below) I had the same symptoms, robots work slower etc.

Robot fails when run with trigger - Help / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum

I am not using queues

Something else must be

I observed that now it takes 26 seconds to write a row to Excel

So it must be the Excel

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