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Hi, I have five processes and one robot to run. So I have to run all the processes on a single robot.
So if I schedule all the process and set a same time for all to run. So will they run all at the same time or one after others like if first finish then the second process automatically triggers likewise? Please suggest

Can I set the priority for all? Like first I want to run A process then second is D likewise?

They will run 1 after each other, so a ways to give them priority could be to set…
A: 10h00
B: 10h01

So A will always run before B and as soon A is done, B will start.

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As you said you want to run all processes in single machine right.

We can’t run all processes at a time in single machine. First one process will run and remaining processes will be in pending state. Once first process completed then next process will run and so on.

Create the process which you want to run it first and so on.

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