Bot get paused while execution, instead of throwing error

I am doing SAP automation, but at one step my bot get pause and it keep remaining pause for 6 hours and dont even throw any exception. When i see the screen it shows SAP auto timeout pop up. When i click Ok on that pop up. Bot logs the error and performs the remaining step .
I want to know why bot gets pause instead of giving error and stopping that execution that very point, why it waits for user for 6 hours to click ok on that pop up


It is normal, this happens when the SAP does not respond or is “processing”… In other words, the activation is still running.

Try to use SAP activities.


But if SAP is not responding then Bot should stop right?, throw any error on any activity?


Yes, it should timeout but it doesn’t. Sometimes this type of problem also occurs when sending SMTP emails.


so is there any solution to handle this situation. I just want bot to get stop.


Have a view on this thread!

I hope this will helps you to resolve the issue