Bot fails when replacing Parentid with wildcard

Hi guys, I am facing this issue for one of the selector, its basically a Next arrow button in a table to scrape entire data table . The selector of this Button has a Parent ID which keeps changing which each transaction but on replacing it with wildcard the Bot fails . Can I get some inputs on this? No other attribute works in it neither aaname, nor innertext,

Thanks in advance!!

@Shailesh123 Can you Show us the Element that you are trying to Click ? Also show us the Selector of that element in UiExplorer using Screeenshots.

Hi @supermanPunch - please refer the screenshot of selectors if u can see parentid , i cannot replace it with wildcard character.

@Shailesh123 Have you tried by Just keeping the name and tag Attributes and Checked if it works? You can only keep those two Attributes and check if it highlights the Next Button Element.


Hi @supermanPunch - I have tried it , doesnt work !! without parent ID it just doesnt

@Shailesh123 In that case, we’ll need to retrieve the parentid from another element which is a constant element and doesn’t change, So Can you check which other element has the same parentid and also can be identified only by aaname or other attributes which does not change.

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May I know what exact data that you are scraping. If you want to scrape data from the web and store it in excel. You can use the data scraping activity, Where there is no use of selectors to scrape the data from all the pages.

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How? we need the nextpage selector in order to scrape data from multiple web pages
Take a look at this. I hope u find the solution.

@supermanPunch- i try to follow ur approach but the problem is the whole table has Parent ID in it and without that it just cannot recognize any control, do u have any other sugesstion ?

@Shailesh123 If it is a Table data that you want to get then have you tried using Data Scraping method if it is able to extract all data then you don’t need to use separate Click for the Next Button. Also Check if the Table has any other attribute that can uniquely identify it other than parentid.

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