Bot execution suddenly stops in the middle of execution with no errors

Here i have used for each file in folder where word file is opened and replace text activity is used but the bot stop in the middle with no errors. Also used writeLine but no errors.

Hi @automate1 ,

Could you try logging the FilePath and check if it exists?


Its hard to say why you are facing this issue.
It could be that there are no more files to process, or it could point to a much more serious issue.

Could you please provide more details? Like what exactly happens or is left over when the automation stops?

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Ashwin A.K

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Hi @automate1

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Check how the machines is provisioned with the orchestrator, and try with “LoginToConsole” set to ‘True’ and try executing the Robot.

Have a look on the thread


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Hello @automate1

Are you executing it from Studio ? If yes, can you try it in debug mode.

Also, can you confirm the Word files are not corrupted?


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yes word files was corrupted, changed the location of word files

Is it resolved now?