Robot stops only in Orquestrator / Workflows stops indefinitely without Errors

Hi!! I have a very annoying bug, and I don’t know how to fix it! When I use my workflows alone, they work perfectly, but when I use them inside the orchestrator (using “invoke workflow file” or “launch workflow interactive”), they stop following the flow somewhere in the middle of the process, causing the bot to do nothing, indefinitely until I stop it, and give no error.

Note: I already looked at some topics with similar problem (or equal), but without solution. My office is Microsoft Office 2016 Professionnel Plus (and I believe I can’t change it…), and my windows is updated since august 19 (version 1903. I’ve seen that this version cause problems to some people here, but I dont know if is the reason that I’m getting this bug). I create and run the bot in a VM.

Can anyone help me?
Thank’s in advance!

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did we check with log in orchestrator that is once after running the job in JOBS tab we could be able to see the logs with option VIEW LOGS
there we could see from which activity the bot is not working as expected

make sure that the log level is set to VERBOSE in the robot tray of the machine where this process is run so that we can see the traces for each activity

Cheers @Cellinda

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Please add log messages after every activity or after every suspicious activity. Then you can check the logs in the orchestrator jobs to find out where it malfunctions.

Once you figure that out, you can then fix it or set the “Continue on Error” property to “True” based on how you want to proceed.

Hi guys, so, I put some log messages in my process, and I notice that the process stops in random parts of it… It doesn’t have a padron of wich part will stops/frozen.

Please follow the following prints:

state machine

My state machine calls the processes (with invoke workflow or lounch workflow), and when it enters processes it stops / freezes at random parts of them, or sometimes does the whole process and not finishes it, getting in the process forever … It has also occurred to enter the process, and freeze before doing anything.

is it repeating even when ran from studio or in debug mode either

yes, in debug mode it continues to freeze in random parts…

hmm…may i know what edition we are using community or enterprise

I’m using the community edition.

kindly uninstall and reinstall the application and try once
and also ensure that you have enough memory space in your system so that the performance of the system is not disturbed

Cheers @Cellinda

  • How are the two servers different from each other (the one which works and the one not working)?
  • I did not understand exactly how you are publishing and running your process in your orchestrator/server
  • Is there any simpler process that is working in the orchestrator now?

They are no different. I made my process into 4 parts, and the 4 are joined in Main, calling one after another so that only 1 process will be called when it is run.
The 4 parts work when called by themselves, but when I call them on Main, I get this freeze bug in random parts.

I am running through Debug on uipath itself …

As I said above, processes work when called alone. The two Login processes (in print) are in different folders from Main, so I think they are two different Mains, being called in this main of print…
Sorry if I didn’t answer correctly, I’m new to development!!
thank’s in advance.

but since they are a state machine, maybe some problems with the transitions? or some part may have a loop that became infinite?

My VM has plenty of space yet, I don’t think that’s the problem …
But I will try to uninstall and install uipath.
Cheers @Palaniyappan

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So I already checked the loops (I put log messages before and after each one), I checked the transitions too, the problem is inside the invoked processes, not outside them… It freezes inside the invoked processes.
i really don’t understand why it’s freezing in random parts, and no errors appears…

But do you have logs inside those invoked processes? Also which types are inside, simple sequences or could there be another state machines?

@bcorrea Yes, I put log messages inside the invoked processes, and outside as well. Inside the processes are Workflows and normal sequences… Only Main is made with State Machine.

ok, so the process of the robot is really freezing? did you look in task manager to see if cpu is high when that happens? how long could you wait to see if it really would not go on?

yes, the process is getting frozen :confused: I looked in the tasks, it stays normal during the process…
I waited at least 10 min one time, and nothing happened… It doesnt give any error…

I tried this also, as i have not a lot of experience with state machines and i got this exact problem today, so im quite sure that i was not properly setting up my tasks and transitions and that was causing my process to be staled…