UiPath Robot Executor has stopped working

Hello everyone ,
I am facing the below issue since 4 days, Since i have moved my working workflow to the production same error always happen…
I have tried everything, Run the process from the orchestrator and from the Studio. And to use XL excel activities for the excel , As it has large number of data…but nothing working !!

Please help i really dont know what else I can do :frowning:


Hi @menna_almahdy

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What is the error you are getting here.

Have you seen the logs of the job ?


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this what i am getting only always after 2 h of normal running , in both orchestrator and from the Studio as well …

So In studio , which activity is precisely giving this error or it’s coming at the beginning of the execution.

Can you run the code in debug mode and investigate ?


I have had the same problem (for more details see: Uipath robot executor has stopped working during Excel Application Scope ).

Any idea how to solve it, please?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi, Im getting the same error when appending to Excel activity…

RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Tâche arrêtée avec un code de sortie inattendu : 0xE0434352

Taking a look on Windows Event Viewer…

It seems it falls in OutOfMemory Exception… Weird, since Im managing 25MB Excel file

Does anyone figured how to run out of this?


Hi guys, I found the cause. In my case it was about changing the appending activity from Workbook Scope to Excel Scope (tiny but huge difference).

Regarding the Exception generated Im still interested about how could we manage it…

I wonder if @loginerror saw it before,
The issue is stopping the UIPath executor (so, it stops) but from Orchestrator perspective its still running so, there is no way to know its failing.
Since executor stops, we cannot run timeouts and anything else from inside UIPath but it should be a way to catch this exception from OS

This issue stacked my corporative Orchestrator a whole weekend :cold_face:

@jmedinacarbonell , the error is thrown since the workflow is using more memory than the 32-bit executor can handle (~3gb). My advice is to use a 64-bit version (21.4 or newer).

Regarding the Orchestrator not knowing about the crash, we will give it a look and see what’s the issue there.

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