Best practice - where to store reusable sequences/projects

So, we’ve started accumulate several sequences that could be used in other projects. And we save all our projects to devops, and wonder if we should create a new repo for reusable sequences.

Anyone have any advice on this matter?

Hi @fh9090,

You can place all the reusable in a common path, but while including into other process copy it to the respective process folder and use it.

If you are planning to have it a common path and planning to use it across process, then it is a bad idea, sometime if any one of the reusable component failed, then all the process referenced it will get failed.

Thanks for replying Sarathi!
Not sure if I quite follow. When you say common path, is that in reference to assets in Orchestrator?
I agree that it would be bad if I linked a recycled workflow to several projects where they are invoked. But on the other hand one could argue if ex. 6 processes fail, it’s faster to narrow down where the problem is?

But the question is what’s the best way to sort and collect these recycled flows/sequences/activities?
Maybe it’s best to store these on a OneDrive, and copy them in a new project using them as a “shell” to build upon.

Solved: #FeatureBlog - 18.3 - Library (Reusable components)