Reuse sequence on many processes

Hi, Is there a way to reuse a sequence on many processes? And if we do any changes to the sequence, it should affect all processes that are using that sequence. If that is possible.

hey @Anjab
You could use invoke workflow file to reuse your sequential flow in other processes.

As @nv08 is mentioning use invoke workflow in those processes, linking to that sequence file that you have saved. You just need to add input/output arguments if needed.

However a better way if it is used in many different processes, is probably using the library functionality in UiPath.


With this you can version control the file, and decide which processes to utilize the new version. I.e there might be some breaking changes that can cause some processes to not work, then you would want to wait with updating them.


Using libraries is just what Iā€™m looking for! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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