Beginner's Guide to Custom Packages

How does one learn to create custom packages for UiPath?

I know the basics, like how to set things up in Visual Studio and where to start the development from, but coming to the coding itself, how did you learn that?

Do I have to explore every aspect of the C# language, or are there only few sections I need to devote my time and energy to?

For example, the UiPath.Excel.Activities doesn’t come with a “Delete Sheet” activity, so to create a custom activity for that, how do I develop the logic, or what will I have to learn in C# to actualize that?

If you have any resources like YT videos or documentation, it would be really helpful.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @ashwin.ashok ,

If you want to learn to create custom packages for UiPath, I would recommend you reading this topic

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Thanks Marius, I’ll go through it!