Beginner needs help - don't get further with described process (see below) - if activity?

Hello all,

I wanted to ask if UiPath can cover the following:

I want to automate our vacation requests and their processing. To do this, I have created several Excel lists. Some of them represent our corporate programs.

One Excel list contains a listing of the date (column A; 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2023) and the continuous columns the personnel numbers of the employees (column B “10025”, column C “10026” …). If the employees have been approved for vacation, a “X” is stored in the corresponding field.

Now UiPath shall check if the requested vacation of e.g. employee “Caren Wisker” can be approved by controlling if vacation has already been taken by another employee in this period of time. If another employee already has vacation during this date, employee “Caren Wisker” should automatically receive a rejection via mail. If no one has taken vacation during this date, the vacation of employee “Caren Wisker” will be approved via mail.

Can anyone tell me if I can cover this scenario via UiPath? Possibly with the “if activity”?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes you can… the data into datatable
2. Filter with the required date any date that you want to check
3. Now you can either loop through all columns(employees) and check for x or use a linq like dt.rows(0).itemarray.any(function(x) x.tostring.trim.equals(“x”) this will return true if any. Is fount in any of the column(employees for us)
4.accordingly either send no leave or leave approved mail


Hi, thanks for the quick response. I will try it today.

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