Email Automation if specific schedule is made in excel

I’m starting to Learn Uipath for to make my daily work easier. Currently, I’m trying to make automatic email sending to customers if I type the scheduled date in the excel. I’ve some experience in Excel but in Uipath I have a problem with how to check the condition if I type date & time in the June (Month) column. I want to check Customer Name, Contract Number, and Sale PIC. Base on that I would like to make email sending to customers.

Schedule.xlsx (9.6 KB)

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in your excel file you can add all the month Jan to Dec and client email address. In your workflow you can read ur excel file using readRange(workbook) activity and it give you a DataTable, same time you can assign current month and date to a assign activity and check that date and month by iterating Datatable. if there any matching items with your condition you can send a mail using (outlook, SMTP) activity by assigning row values into the mail body. that it

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