Can Uipath know if its the eve of a weekend or eve of a holiday


I need to tally the dates from a data table to another data table in two separate excel files. The dates in the two excel files are different. In order to tally the dates, I would need to get the dates in column A, then I would need to minus the numbers of days (working days) according to the table below.

However, when I minus the dates I would need to consider if the days fall within the eve of a weekend or eve of a holiday. If the days fall within a weekend or holiday I need to ignore those days and only minus working days. I have attached another table for reference for the holiday dates.

How may I calculate the dates with working days and holidays in mind?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @kieranwong

You can easily do this by using the below custom component. This includes an activity named Network Days designed specifically for this scenario.

Provide the date period and the holiday days that fall within the period defined, and it will give you all the working days. So what you need to check is whether its available in that list or not. If it is not available it’s a holiday. If it’s available it’s a working day. And you can also get the nearest working day as well from this activity.

Try it out…

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Thanks for your help! But do you know any other way where I do not need to download a custom component.

Then buddy you got to write the logic of the network days function :slightly_smiling_face:

This is similar to excel network days function

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Can you give an example on how to write it ?