How to send mail to employee if he is absent to office uipath

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       Am new to uipath ,how can we send mails to employees based upon his if he is absent today he should get a mail .can any one give me idea or workflow to understand the scenario


@pranay.a - Pls provide few details -
how to identify an employee is off today?
having any system to check?
All employees having a common entry time?

@GBK 1.based on excel data we fill the columns like A=absent,P=present if absent send mail to employee
2.if employee leaves the office before complition of office time like 8hr 45mins he should get mail like left early today worked for =total time stayed in office particular common entry timing
4.we have a fingerprint entry machine which stores the information of employee

@pranay.a you can try below

  • read the excel with excel activities

  • do a datatable filter like“columnName=A”)

  • based on results datatable -
    do a for each row activity
    use the smtp mail activities/outlook activities to send a mail to the respective employees

  • after development - you can do a trigger /scheduler job on daily/business days with a specific time.

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have a doubt the length of dates changes from month to month ,how to select a specific value like (Absnt/Prsnt) from random excel Columns like(02-june,03-june…)

@pranay.a - you can add the date filter as well - like“columnName=A and dateColumn = 02/06/2020”)

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@GBK m asking like how to select a specific value(a/p) from random columns(dates) present in excel sheet

@pranay.a - you can do a data filter with linq query - however if your going to use the excel for an application - make the excel in standard format.