Intelligent OCR - Saving Validation Definitions


I am using the Intelligent OCR code provided by UiPath and I see that the code is using a “Present Validation Station” stage. Each time the code processes a new pdf document, it will go to that stage and ask for manual validation. I was wondering if I can save the validation settings so the robot will get smarter and learn which items to extract on the pdf.

At the very moment it is asking for validation each time and I do not see this as viable for unattended run.

Please let me know if you guys have any idea on how to solve my issue.

Thank you!


Hi - I was also wondering about the same thing. If you get an answer to this can you please share? Thanks in advance!

Hi Guys,

Any update?

@michaeltng @ridf @Karun Hi guys! Any update? Please!

Thank you!

Not yet @Chaitanya_podilapu if you find anything let me know


anyone figured out solution for this scenario?

Let me see if I understand this well, you don’t want the validation station right? Or just want in certain cases? If yes, which are?

Hi All,

Lately I have been exploring ways to get reliable solutions for document data extraction. So far the Intelligent OCR package includes activities for train classifiers, that allow the robot to get confidence with their results.

On the other hand, it exists activities for train extractors but in my solutions I include Position Based extractors getting good results without training.

I let you a video about how to build your solutions
Intelligent OCR UiPath Tutorial