Balareva package not getting installed

Hi i am getting below error while running the BOT

System error at initialization: Cannot create unknown type ‘{clr-namespace:BalaReva.Externals;assembly=BalaReva.Externals}UnZipFile’. at Source: System.Xaml

Balareva package not getting installed

it says package installation failure.

Anybody have any idea about it.Please help

@heena_shaikh - is BalaReva package is added in your project dependencies?

@GBK yes it

@GBK i am also getting this error when i try to repair it

NU3004: Package ‘BalaReva.Excel.Activities 2019.4.0’ from source ‘’: signatureValidationMode is set to require, so packages are allowed only if signed by trusted signers; however, this package is unsigned.

@heena_shaikh - pls try to upgrade the version with latest version and check.


Done already still not working :expressionless:

which version of uipath studio are you using?

2019.10.3 studio version