2022.10 release manage package (BalaReva)


After the last update, my BalaReva package is getting error. How can I fix ?


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Hi @Dilara_Cin,

Just by looking at your dependencies screenshot and the package information from Marketplace BalaReva Easy PowerPoint Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace, I see one important issue.

You are using Windows version of the UiPath project (.net 6), but the Marketplace library is made for Windows Legacy (.net 4.6)

I do not think these two are compatible. To see the dependency creating the issue, you can expand the tree in your dependencies (BalaReva.EasyPowerPoint.Activities)

May be Bala is planning to update this library to support Windows version of UiPath Projects. We do not know about it.

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Hi @jeevith and @Dilara_Cin ,

Upgrading work is going on…

Thank you


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