Background Process Template and ReFramework

Hi There,

I’m exploring this background template, I have managed to build one that takes values from the database
i.e queries all names of people who’s birthday is today (TableColumns=> FullName, DateOfBirth) and create a CSV file.

My Questions.

  • Is it possible to have this background process in Re-Framework? How
  • When having a process in ReFramework, is it wise to through system exceptions or only Business Rules/Exception?

@loginerror @Palaniyappan

Hi @wilbardmtei It is good practise to always throw both system and business rule exceptions.

For background process in RE Framework, just create an .xaml file Sequence as a Background process; Then invoke it in your framework.


Just a small remark on that. I think by default REFramework has some activities that use UIAutomation, I think the sequence that takes a screenshot on exception.

I assume that all these would have to be removed for the process to work properly.


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