Background process has no permission to delete entity record

Hi all,

in my bigger project i have one background process that should delete entity records. Unfortunately i get a permission error, that the user is not allowed to access the entity.

Any solution how i can give the background process “user” (NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE) the rights for the entities?



To check try with editing access to data entity and select everyone


@Anil_G i did that already and it works. but not preferred as now everyone who has access to our automation cloud can see and edit the entities.

You can change the setting on the robot machine so that it runs in the background, but uses the credentials of the correct robot instead of session zero.

You need to add an environment variable to the machine for ‘UiPath_HEADLESS_WITH_USER’ and set it to true.

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thanks for your reply! That sounds promising. Can you please give me some more details where to add that environment variable?

There is only one place to add environment variables, there should be lots of guides online.