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I built an app that collects user information and also allows the user to search, edit, and delete their data. I used UiPath Apps and connected it to the data service. This app was working fine last week with no errors, but when I want to do a demo this morning, I keep getting this error: “You don’t have permission to access the entity, field or record or you are using an unsupported robot type. Please contact your administrator for necessary permissions”. I don’t know what’s wrong.
Like I said earlier, I have published this app and tested it before, and it was all working fine with no errors, but this morning it started giving me that error. Please help; I don’t know whats wrong.

@Lamina_Zafrullah ,

Can you please add yourself or other user to “Automation_User” roles and try?


@Arvind_Kumar1 thanks. Please how do I do that

Hello @Lamina_Zafrullah ,

Please check this below. you can go to tenant and manage access and roles.

Data Service - Managing Access (uipath.com)

Thanks @Arvind_Kumar1 . I have given access to everyone, and its working fine now. Thanks

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@Lamina_Zafrullah ,

Glad to know this !!

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