Create Entity Record Permission Error


I am trying to upload records from studio to data service (first time communicating with Data Service).

However, I am receiving the following permission error.


I have enabled the permission in automation cloud for the tenant

as well as in data service --> user management --> Updated roles of entity to edit insert etc for my entity.

Please guide me if I am missing any step.

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Hey @Neeraj_Keswani,

We too faced the same issue.

You can see a user group called everyone in Data Services. Just assign Data Writer to it and check once.

Because there were no group which includes robots as users, that’s the problem.

May be we will get in upcoming versions or if we find something will let you know.

But yes you can try as above

@ankit.saraf, If you can add something will be more clear.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Neeraj_Keswani and @Nithinkrishna - The reason this issue happens is because you are using a Studio/Robot defined in a classic folder and not a modern Studio/Robot. Please follow the details here on how to create a modern Robot -

@Nithinkrishna - You are right that classic robots are not available for assigning permissions in Data Service. With modern robots, the permissions are granted based on the user and they are fully supported. The Everyone workaround works but that will grant write access to all entities to everyone in the organization.

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Thanks much @ankit.saraf, for the clarification.

It’s clear now :+1:

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