Available Intelligent Automation APIs

I want to fetch details from pdfs of different formats. Which all APIs are available for this that can be integrated in UiPath?

I have read about Abby and Rossum. But since the number of invoices are not much(10-15 per day), I would like to try every possible way to get this done in minimum cost.

Use Document Understanding + Omnipage to search for information in your PDFs.

Is Doc Understanding stable now? It was in preview the last time I used it. Can we do it without validating manually within the execution of the process?

Hello @Pankit ,

You can configure Document Understanding to present the Validation station or not.

Also, you have more extractors now, and you can do some if operations depending on the level of confidence.

If confidence is low, present the validation, if not, extract without presenting the validation station.

I believe on YouTube are some nice videos presenting this.


Hello, sorry for the delay. I have a very busy life :smiley:.

Yes, DU is stable, and even in my job we are using it.

The Validation Step can be disabled for cases where you do not need it, it is optional. I particularly used it only to validate that my Regular Expressions were getting the correct values in the PDF, after the validations made in production, I disabled this when I moved to production.

Do tests with the DU, as it is integrated into the AI package is something out of this world.