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Can someone please help me with your inputs for below-

  1. For Document understanding , UiPath is still working on that or it is finalized one?
  2. Is it reliable with ML extractor?
  3. what are the limitations of Document understanding?


Hello and good afternoon, Hopefully i can clear up a couple things for you

  1. I believe document understanding is an ongoing process. Over the last couple months many new features have been added. I expect we might not see as many new features as time goes on but I expect that new features, updates to the ML packages, bug fixes and QOL additions will be continually added.

  2. This depends on a lot of factors. If you are using the ML extractor in a business setting I suggest using the machine learning extractor trainer as well and updating the package on Ai Fabric occasionally. First off, if you do this before going live and train your extractor by using a lot of documents, the extractors will be more precise to your exact use cases. Also you you aren’t using an out of the box solution provided by UiPath, the extractor depends on how well you code and train your python solution. Also using different OCR engines to extract data if you aren’t dealing with native PDF files can give you a very different success rate. There are so many variables that go into how accurate and precise the extractors are.

  3. I would say the biggest limitation right now is if you aren’t going with the ML extractors. The rest of the extractors definitely have their place but they are far less flexible. It would also be nice to improve the action center on orchestrator or even have a separate program for it. It isn’t bad right now but it could do with a UI update and easier access and more options.

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@JosephNehl I have one more query-

is there any limit for no of pages in community and licensed Document understanding?

Hi @Hitesh1

You can this link : About licensing

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