Automatizar por terminal

tengo instalado UiPath en windows pero necesito conectarme otra maquina por ssh como lo realizo utilizando terminal session de UiPath o como configurarlo para que haya conexion

Hello @Edwin_Pulgarin, try this:

  1. Install the UiPath.Terminal.Activities package: Make sure you have installed the UiPath.Terminal.Activities package. To do this, go to the “Manage Packages” tab in UiPath Studio and search for and install the mentioned package.
  2. Configure the “Terminal Session” activity: a. Drag and drop the “Terminal Session” activity into your workflow. b. In the properties of the activity, set the following values:
  • ConnectionType: SSH
  • Hostname: The IP address or hostname of the machine you want to connect to via SSH.
  • Port: The SSH port (usually port 22).
  • Username: Your username for the SSH connection.
  • Password or PrivateKey: Here, you need to provide either the password or the path to the private key file to authenticate yourself on the remote machine.
  1. Configure commands and activities inside the session: a. Within the body of the “Terminal Session” activity, you can use activities like “Send Control Key” to send SSH commands or perform other actions on the remote machine. b. You can use activities like “Send Keys” to send specific keys or “Type Into” to enter text into the session.
  2. Ensure that the remote machine has SSH access enabled and the user being used has the necessary permissions to access the machine.

Hi @Edwin_Pulgarin

One common approach to accomplish SSH connections from UiPath is by using the following steps:

  1. Install an SSH client on the Windows machine where UiPath is installed. One popular SSH client for Windows is PuTTY ( You can download and install it on the machine.

  2. Once PuTTY is installed, you can use the “plink” command-line tool that comes with PuTTY to establish SSH connections programmatically.

  3. Create a custom activity in UiPath using the “Invoke Power Shell” or “Invoke Command” activity. This activity allows you to execute command-line commands, including running “plink” to establish the SSH connection.

  4. Write a PowerShell script or command that uses “plink” to initiate the SSH connection to the remote machine and execute the desired commands or retrieve the information you need.

  5. Invoke the PowerShell script or command from the UiPath custom activity using the “Invoke Power Shell” or “Invoke Command” activity.

Hope it helps!!