How to connect a Linux server using Uipath Internal Terminal Activity

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How to connect a Linux server using Uipath Internal Terminal Activity


HI @Akhil_Raveendran,

the UiPath Terminal Activities are only designed to work with Terminal/Host emulations (Types: TN3270/TN5250/VT) . When you are connecting to a linux server it’s mostly done via SSH which is not supported by the terminal activities.

I’m not sure if the KB article below is still maintained but the information seems to be up to date.

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Thanks @FrankSchikor .

Is there any other ways to automate Linux cloud server Tasks through Terminal …?


Not that I’m aware of you can use Putty for example with send hotkey and ocr-activities which works quite good.

Also there is a component on UiPath GO! which might help you

Hi Team,
In extension to this topic I have one question here.
From Uipath we are trying to copy a folder from remote linux server to our Uipath windows server. We achieved this using ssh command manually through putty instead of Uipath.
In this process we entered linux password as secure string manually in putty.
But when we are using the same approach through uipath and when we used the same ssh command with SSH run command activity we are unable to connect to linux server. Issue is that we are unable to send that secure string password into SSH run command in Uipath because it is expecting secure string and passed string into that SSH run command.
We converted Secure string to string using Unicode package and we could see the string name successfully in uipath. But when we are passing this converted string into SSH command we couldn’t connect to linux successfully.

Can anyone help us to connect to linux server from our Uipath windows server and help us to copy required folders.