Automation process help required

Hi there,

I am trying to extract data table for this instance. However, the data table extraction tool is not extracting the entire table somehow. Attached are the screenshots for the problem I am facing.

can you share with us a screenshot from the preview?

when / which data is omitted?

hi ppr,
here is the screenshot as requested.

As u can see from the first screenshot, the scrolldown bar is pretty thick (i supposed there are 300+ clickable config files) but the extraction tool only displayed 4 col and 1 row (doesnt make sense to me). Also, each of the clickable config file does not change the URL which is why I am stuck.
My initial thought process was to extract diff URL and loop through.

looks like only 1 row is grabbed.

In such cases we can do:

  • using a separate XAML for RnD and redoing the modelling of the extract data & testng
  • comparing the extract data config with the element structures analysed within Browser F12 Webtools / UiExplorer

When you added each individual column, did you try specifying more than one record as a sample for the data selection of that column? If so, did it automatically show that all records of the same type were identified?

hi irene,

i only select the first col in row 1 and clicked “yes” regarding extraction of all columns. The screenshot was the final extraction result. PPR’s suggested method should be able to work by inspecting elements in this case, just that it will be way more tedious :frowning:

When it asks you to do the extraction for each column, can you try clicking the 1st row on 1st column, then selecting “No” (you can do it manually anyway, by adding all of them one at at time) and right after you click also on the 2nd and 3rd cells of the same column (1st column)?

oh… i just tried and the extraction jumbled up. But if so, does that mean i have to click 300times if I have 300files to process?

From my experience, depending on the structure of the page or application, sometimes it’s enough to click on the 1st cell for UiPath to detect nicely the structured data you’re trying to extract. If that doesn’t work, you can try selecting 2-3 similar elements (but no more than that) so that UiPath can try to find a pattern to recognize all elements of the same type/column. If that doesn’t work, then it means that more investigation is required (and maybe the Extract Data activity might not work for that specific application), so you surely wouldn’t need to click all elements one by one.

Hi Irene,

I could not select a few elements as shown on screenshot. Do u have any idea on how to better solve this issue?