Automation Ops is GA and enabled for all Cloud customers

I still remember when I joined UiPath a few years ago, and all we had were Studio, Robot and Orchestrator. And everything else needed in a full automation project had to be patched together from various integrations and widgets.

Over the years, we started building more and more around the core automation products, and providing more and more support for teams, in their path to growth.

What started off as the the Workflow Manager in the Studio family, that offered the ability to implement rules for people developing in the IDE has now matured into a more complex feature set and a better interface for all these needs.

It is one of my proudest moments today, when I officially introduce Automation Ops to the UiPath family of automation products.

Automation Ops is a cloud-first, rich web-based application, enabling users to quickly setup policies and package sources. It allow you to easily govern large deployments of the Studio Family products as well as UiPath Assistant, and it becomes GA as part of our 21.4 release.

I would like to thank those of you who have helped us test it even from the preview phase. For those of you new to it, please check out the information below:


Quickstart guide

  1. Log into your Automation Cloud account on (or, if you don’t have one, register here )

  2. Navigate to Admin > Automation Ops


  • Automation Ops is compatible with UiPath Studio 2020.10.3 and later, and UiPath Assistant 2021.4 and later. Users must be connected to Orchestrator using interactive sign-in.
  • Automation Ops is available to all Automation Cloud customers, and visible to the organization admins

Issues and Feedback

  • We look forward to suggestions from our Community users on our forum. Just create a New Topic under UiPath Automation Ops
  • If you want to be part of our Insider Program and help shape future UiPath products, please contact the Insider team at