Automation on ServiceNow

Hello All,

Is there any way of automating simple click tasks on ServiceNow such as linking of tickets with each other possible via the recorder tool of Uipath? or is there any other way to achieve it?
Please help

This ServiceNow Activity Pack - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

combined with Service Now Developer access and API’s automation using UiPath can be quite powerful

I’m doing some ServiceNow tasks just now and found most of the automation can be done on the ServiceNow side quite easily - therefor eliminating a lot of the steps that I’m using UIPath for.
For example - if I have a specific layout that need’s filtered - then I have already set it up on SNOW so that I can just click once on UI Path to get to the layout - then use the data I need etc.

FYI, ServiceNow is extremely easy to automate using only UI integration.
But i suggest you to always try to use the API Integration first. As, it will be faster and more resilient tha anything else.
And a tip for you: The recorder is just a way to fast start a development, the code it generates is nowhere near enough of a Ready to Production code. So take care with that, ok?

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