Automation on Mainframe

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I’m working on the the automation on Mainframe and have below questions.
I read many related posts but can’t find the answers.

  1. My existing client is using Rocket BlueZone to connect to TN3270. In my development, I failed to create the connection by selecting Provider = Rocket BlueZone, which shows error: ‘There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: ProviderNotInstalled’ after inputting the address and port. Wondering there’s a solution for this.
    This is not a critical issue since I use Direct Connection as Provider instead. However it turns out another issue that I can’t interact manually with the session (such as typing). As I remembered in my previous client (AS400), it’s doable. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. When I use Direct Connection as Provider, is there way that I could close the session? Since when an exception occurs, I’d like to close the the session to clear the environment then retry.

  3. For the activities ‘Wait Text at Position’, ‘Wait Field Text’, ‘Wait Screen Text’, the TimeoutMS property is not my expectation as other ones. When jumps to another page in mainframe, such wait activities won’t actually wait for some text but throw exception after the DelayMS.
    As forum suggested, I can use retry and try-catch to achieve. However I have to create a workflow for this.

I’m not sure above behavior is caused the mainframe provider type or not.
Please feel free to share your experience on mainframe.

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For above Q2, I put a log message only in the existing terminal session, then initial another one with it. Issue solved.

For Q1 and Q3, added information is that the Rocket BlueZone is 64 bits. Is it the root cause? Now I created common workflows such as ‘page exists’ to check whether desired page is loaded or not.