Automation of table element in a java application

Hi Devs,
I have to automate a java application in which we are querying a database and it displays in a table element of itself. The selector looks like this:

java idx=‘1’ name=‘Required request id’ role=‘text’

The ‘idx’ attribute is the only descriptor which allows me to loop through the rows
But the table has a overflow, scrolling of which makes the top most element’s idx of the table after the scroll as 1 the table does not allow pageDwn key press for scrolling for which I could have reinitialized the counter.

How do I automate this?

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i understand the problem but not much is given to suggest you a concrete solution.

Try posting the selectors from all ‘Default’ ‘UiAutomation’ and ‘Accessibility’ modes of indicating elements form the UiExplorer - See image below :slight_smile:

Once you post this please reply lets dissect this issue :slight_smile:


Hi @sgloc009

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Let me guess, it’s an Oracle data table? If so, please read this post and this topic:

It might be a valid workaround for you.

If not, some screenshots would help to visualize the scenario.

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