Automation Hub assigning process owner to a idea

I am currently vetting through the Automation Hub and faced this problem.

I submitted an idea and checked the box “I dont know who is the process owner”. (as picture below)

However, when i revisited the idea to approve it, I show an error saying that a process owner is not defined. (as image below)

Anyone know how to assign the process owner to this idea?


I found the method to add the process owner.

Explore > Automation > Select Idea > Collaborators > Add collaborators > Assign role to process owner.

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Hello, @weichong,

In case you are trying to approve the idea (from the Direct Manager position) and you do not have Program Manager permission, you open the quick view of the idea (from Workspace > My team > click on Actions 3 dot icon > Quick View), and in the top right corner you click on the “Unassigned Process Owner” icon. You select the person from the list of activated users, and then you can click approve.

Check the details in the user guide.

Thank you,

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