Process Owner dropdown showing all user

While Submitting an Idea, the submitter needs to select a Process Owner who can later provide Assessment details. As of now, the dropdown to choose Process owner is showing all users of selected Category irrespective of any Roles.

The expected scenario for this to show Users who are assigned with Role Process Owner.


When managing users, you cannot assign the Process Owner collaborator role. Please check the documentation available here:

  • The Employee Idea Submitter, CoE Idea Submitter, and Process Owner collaborator roles are not available to be assigned to users when adding/editing users, as these collaborator roles are automatically obtained following the submission of an idea, respectively assigning a Process Owner to help with the detailed assessment.
  • The Citizen Developer Submitter and Citizen Developer collaborator roles cannot be manually assigned to users. These are automatically assigned following the submission of an automation, respectively when a Citizen Developer clicks the Start Development option

After 21.4, we intend to allow organizations to decide which of the collaborator roles should be assignable in advance (including Process Owner), versus Automation Hub enforcing a rule. At the moment, it is not possible.


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