Unable To Assign Process Owner When Submitting An Idea

Resolution when submitting an idea, the drop-down menu for the Process Owner is not displaying any collaborator to be chosen from.

Error Message:



One of the reasons could be that the Business Area field was left blank in the form. In order for the list of Process Owners to be populated, one of the Business Area should be selected because this setting determines who can be added as a Process Owner.

If this condition is met, but the Process Owner list is still empty, make sure that the Process Owner role is assignable.

Steps to verify:

  1. Navigate to Admin Console -> Manage Access -> Roles
  2. Switch to "Collaborator" roles tab
  3. Select the Process Owner role
  4. Make sure that "Make this role assignable" is NOT enabled and then click on the Sync Changes option.

  1. If this setting is OFF, then, the pre-assignation from the Assign Role page is not needed.
  2. Otherwise, when the toggle is ON, before being able to assign this role to a user in the Automation Profile page, first navigate to Admin Console-> Manage Access -> Assign Roles, select the user and explicitly assign the collaborator role.

Refer here for further details about the mentioned toggle(Make this role assignable): Creating A New Collaborator Role .