Restrict Process Owner from filling out Detailed Assessment

Hi everyone,

I want to restrict Process Owners (collaborator role) from filling out the Detailed Assessment, because it usually ends up being inaccurate.

However I can only remove the right Edit the About page of an idea or automation from the Process Owner role and this will leave them unable to edit the High Level Assessment, description and other important info.

Did I miss something?
How can I enable Process Owners to edit info on ideas, but restrict them from filling out the Detailed Assessment?

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Hey @Community_Moderators,

do you know anyone who could help with this Automation Hub issue?

Thank you

Hello @lukasziebold !

In Automation Hub one of the main responsibilities of the built-in Process Owner collaborator role is to fill out the Detailed Assessment. (More information about the existing collaborator roles can be found in our documentation: Collaborator Roles Information and Matrix)
You are saying that the information that comes from the Process Owners is quite often inaccurate. Who in your organization should then fill out the detailed assessment? Would it be helpful to be able to assign the Process Owner collaborator role only to certain users?
In our latest release, we launched an improvement that allows System Admins to make a collaborator role assignable in the user profile. Please check it out as it might help in your case. An admin can access the Collaborator roles page (Admin Console > Manage Access > Roles > Collaborator roles) and turn on this setting for the Process Owner. This means that going forward the admin can assign this collaborator role in the Assign Roles page only to those users that have the knowledge to fill out the detailed assessment. Let me know if this is a good option for your scenario.

Thank you,

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Hello @Teodora_Hiritiu !

Thanks for the reply :+1:
We looked at the latest release and checked out the options of collaborator roles and their rights. Our problem is still the same. Let me give some more context to my scenario:

Business users submit ideas. Those ideas get assigned to process owners from the respective business units. Process owners have the right to edit the idea and that is good, because they can add valuable information to the description etc.

Then we as the Robotics CoE approve the idea and give it to one of our Business Analysts, who should fill out the detailed assessment. However, process owners have the right to fill out the detailed assessment themselves or worse: overwrite the analysis with their own assessment and therefore manipulating the decision process.

Our problem is less with the role of the process owner itself and more with the right of Editing the About page, because there is no distinction between editing “harmless” info in the description and crucial analysis in the detailed assessment.

The only way to prevent business collaborators from manipulating the analysis right now is to prevent them from collaborating at all and that is not what I expected from Automation Hub.

TL;DR: we want process owners (business) to collaborate by editing description and HLA. We do not want them touching the detailed assessment. How can we achieve that?

Thanks again!

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The level of granularity into controlling the editing rights within the About page, in order to prevent a collaborator from modifying just the detailed assessment, is not something that can be achieved today with the existing capabilities.

We will take a note on the need, and consider making the editing right for the about page more granular in the upcoming year.
One question, though: is this collaborator role Process Owner someone who should be able to see the information in the detailed assessment, but not edit it, or you want to completely hide from them the detailed assessment information?

Thank you!

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