Automation Cloud - Disaster Recovery for robots

Hi all,

We are using Automation Cloud with 1 unattended license and would like to setup a DR for robots availability.

After looking at docs and other posts on the forum I can’t find anything remotely close to something that could help.

We have tried creating machine template and connecting multiple machines to it with 1 prod license, but it just keep on trying to assign jobs to one machine even if that machine is down due to a restart etc.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @bromanen

To set up a disaster recovery (DR) for robot availability with one unattended license, you can consider using High Availability (HA) feature of Automation Cloud.

With the HA feature, you can create a cluster of machines, which includes a primary machine and a secondary machine. The primary machine is responsible for running your automation workflows and the secondary machine is a standby machine that takes over the automation workflows if the primary machine fails or becomes unavailable.

To set up the HA feature, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a machine template with the required configuration for the primary and secondary machines.
  2. Create two machine objects, one for the primary machine and one for the secondary machine, and assign them to the machine template.
  3. Create an environment and add the two machines to it.
  4. Create a process and configure it to use the environment you created in step 3.
  5. Enable the HA feature by selecting the “High Availability” checkbox in the process configuration.
  6. Publish the process and test it.

With the HA feature enabled, if the primary machine becomes unavailable, the secondary machine will take over the automation workflows, ensuring that your processes continue to run without interruption.

Hi @bromanen

If you already have studio, orch & robot setup, You don’t need to buy more for HAA.

Only thing is you need to buy

UiPath - High- Availability Add-On for Orchestrator.

But make sure if you doing this for your non production environment , you you can buy UiPath - High- Availability Add-On for Orchestrator for non production licenses

That’s the only thing you need.

And the other main part is your hardware, pls give more focus about your hardware before doing is as all requirements can be accommodate.

For more on this, please refer the following docs on licensing & infrastructure:

Hope this helps,
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Basically machime
Template works the other way round…it is like you can create a machine but need to assign a user…so multiple users can use same machine…

But I believe your requirement is when machine1 is not available then machine2 should automatically be used…and I think there is no direct way for that because when machine is not having any bot running then it would assume that the machine is available because till it deploys or tries there is no signal for disconnect…may be you can try scheduling a bot with individual machines with some time gap…and in the bot check for the day if the previous job is successful may be you can add an asset adm set the value to todays date if successful else will contain any other date

Check that and if first is successful sont run again…